Introduction of West Qiang Jiuhuangshan Scenic Spot

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West Qiang Jiuhuangshan Scenic Spot is divided into two parts: Front Mountain and back mountain. There are two main scenic spots in front mountain: Ape King Cave and Lover Bridge. The main scenic spots in back mountain are Erma Ancient Road, Temple of Heaven, Xiqiang First Block, Qiang Nationality Custom Park, Bare-handed Hunting Ground, Vegetable Base, Yunbaoding Skiing Ground, Yingzui Rock, Arrow Bamboo Sea, etc.

Ape King cave

The reconstructed Ape King Cave, hanging hundreds of meters high on the cliff, is facing mountains and deep canyons. It has a magnificent momentum. There are rare calcified multicolor pools in the cave. It is called "Underground Yellow Dragon". Among the caves that have been exploited for tourism at home and abroad, few have their own right, and it has irreplaceable aesthetic value.

The air inside and outside the cave is not easy to communicate, thus forming an inevitable temperature difference. It is hot outside the cave in hot days, but cool inside the cave. It is cold outside the cave in winter, but warm inside the cave as spring. There are a lot of stalactites, stalagmites and cracks in the cave, which form many sceneries such as "upside-down stone forest" and "idyllic scenery", together with the guide's insightful explanations, which stimulate the infinite misconceptions of tourists. Outside the Ape King Cave, there are also a group of wild monkeys living for a long time. In the hot weather, the mountain lords leap over a tree several meters tall and perform "high-altitude diving" for the passengers. Man monkeys and armed reproductive monkeys are peaceful.

Lover Bridge

According to folklore, a long time ago, there lived a group of apes in the Ape King Cave. The Ape King led them to look for beautiful wild animals and resist fierce animals. At night, they rested in the cave and lived a comfortable and peaceful life. Legend has it that Fairies in the sky also admire the beautiful scenery here and often play here. The Ape King loved fairies, climbed vines and swam across the deep stream to look forward to fairies. Later, the Ape King and the fairies finally became lovers and formed a lasting union. The pure love between the ape king and the fairy finally touched the Jade Emperor, and turned the ape king into an immortal, so that he and the fairy could live in heaven. Later, people built the Feixian Pavilion in the place where the ape king went to heaven, called the Phoenix Pavilion to commemorate the love between the ape king and the fairy, and built the "Valentine Bridge" in the place where the ape King climbed the rattan. Some poems praised it: "Ancient rattan cares about the jade girl obliquely, and the flying River crosses the metaphysical ape".

Sunrise in the Sea of Clouds and Clouds in the Qiangshan Mountains

Sky capital is magical. Sunrise and cloud sea are one of the dominant elements of sky capital in Ape King Cave, Huangshan Mountain, West Qiang. Because it is mountainous area, the three-dimensional difference of sky, especially the change of day and sky, so in the hot day, Yunbaoding area, sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the clouds cover the fog around, just the blue sky is still gloomy, blink of an eye and dark clouds pressure the top, instantaneous rotation, dynamic rhythm bright.

Devonian Geological Profile

The characteristics of tourism capital in Xiqiang-Jiuhuangshan ape-wangdong mountain canyon are summarized as peculiar, beautiful, powerful, dangerous and unique. In the 12-kilometer Canyon scale from Shawozi to Guixi countryside entrance, the Devonian-scale geological profile of Longmen Mountain in China, which has been transformed from 350 million to 400 million years, is spun and hooked. The Devonian sediments, which have lasted 300 million years, are well exposed, no missing, thick and rich in fossil species. They are called rare geological museums in the world by geologists. It is the historical witness of the shallow sea rising to land, and through the cooperation of internal and external pressures, it forms the present landform. Its landscape capital includes gentle and orderly slopes on the west side of Ape King Cave, rigid cliffs on the East side, top of three-level platform, magnificent cliffs up to more than ten kilometers, and better-shaped stalagmites, aerodynamic stones and mushroom stones.

Virgin forest

Because the terrain of the second and third platforms of Ape King Cave is complex and the sky is diverse, it breeds abundant plants and many kinds of animals. Secondly, the coverage rate of Alpine virgin forest on the platform of three levels is 95%, and the community structure is complete. Besides virgin forest, grass skiing can be carried out in summer and skiing can be carried out in winter. Especially, the mountain gambling stocks above the three platforms are cliffs around, and the animals and plants have little contact with the outside world. They form self-supporting biological systems, such as the Arrow Bamboo Sea and the Guteng Ecological Park, the ancient camphor, the ancient ginkgo biloba, the yew and the so-called "living fossil" Aquamarine trees, Davidia trees, as well as the macaques, deer, Musk spray, pheasants, pheasants and so on, which clearly show the scenery of the Ape King Cave. The great ecological value of the region.

Ping Tong Valley

The waterscape of Guixi River in the canyon is beautiful and magnificent. Its shape, sound, color and light are of great appreciation value. The water body is crystal and clear, and the whole river is like a silver belt. The flow of water is slow or free, giving people a peaceful and simple sense of infection. The riverbanks along the river are small and exquisite, beautiful and pleasant, beautiful and visionary, and full of spirit.

Cliff plank road

In order to walk into the primeval forest area of the back hill, it is necessary to take the trestle road, which is built on the cliff and steep. Mountain climbing is hard work, but also a pleasure. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of Jiuhuang Mountain, tourists can experience the pleasure of exploration. Passengers here recite a poem: "Trestle Road hanging cliffs, clouds under the feet, floating in the void, or encounter fairies?

Alpine forest

In the mountains with an altitude of 2000 meters, the vegetation is more dense. There are hundreds of acres of arrow bamboo forests, including taxus, metasequoia, ginkgo, aquatic green bars, David and other rare plants. Here spring and summer can see azaleas and flowers, autumn can see Wanshan red, layers of forest dyed, winter can see Qiong carved jade, snow covered.

In the scenic area, there are 23 karst caves with different characteristics in the typical surroundings of tens of square kilometers, which are rare in the world. Ape King Cave is one of them. Located on a mountain of 1250 meters above sea level, the cave has a beautiful and strange scenery, which integrates wonder, beauty and danger. The terrain of the second and third platforms in the scenic spot is complex, the sky is diverse and the scenery is lively. The trees here are strong and the old vines are entangled, developing a variety of rare tree species and living with a variety of rare animals.

In the villas area of Qiangzhai Style Garden, we can also see the magnificent Temple of Heaven, the towering Xiqiang First Block, the Thousand Buddha Gallery and the beautiful auditorium inheriting the Chinese Buddhist culture for thousands of years, revealing the Qiang people's living and working scenes, the Qiang culture exhibition, excellent and stimulating animal performances and so on, because of the high concentration of negative oxygen prodigals, in this natural year. In the night oxygen bar, breathe the fresh and clean air and exhaust the tiredness and chagrin of body and mind.

Slide, slip rope

High-altitude track-and-tube slideway, 1500 meters in length, travels through dangerous mountains and jungles, like a dragon in the air, beautiful curve, majestic, but also can freely control the speed, to take the place of cars. Two high-altitude ropes, about 380 meters in length, span the mountains, and can cross the mountains with only one rope.

In the cultural landscape of Qiangzhai Style Garden villas in Houshan, you can also see the magnificent Temple of Heaven, the lofty Xiqiang First Block, the Thousand Buddha Gallery and Guanyin Hall, which inherit the Buddhist culture of China for thousands of years, as well as the Qiang Culture Map Exhibition, which shows the living and working scenes of Qiang people, and the exciting animal performances, etc.


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