Tourist Strategy of Songpinggou Scenic Spot


Traffic routes: Chengdu (Chengguan) - Dujiangyan (Duwen) - Wenchuan - Maoxian - the first bending left hand of "6 Turns Back" - Songpinggou Scenic Area.

The road from Chengdu to Songpinggou is in good condition. The whole journey from Chengdu to Songpinggou Scenic Area is about 238 kilometers. First, it passes through Duwen Expressway to Wenchuan, then along Ninth Ring Road to Maoxian County, and then along Ninth Ring Road to Maoxian County about 8 kilometers. Then it can enter the border area highway, and then about 10 kilometers into Songpinggou border area.

Board and lodging

Accommodation is divided into three parts. Near the gate of the scenic spot, Bailazhai (nearest to the main scenic spot), Songpinggou Township, where the main scenic spot goes inside, there are hotels in the scenic spot, which are convenient and comfortable to eat and live, and the price is reasonable. The distribution of farm Inns along the road near the scenic spot and on the road is very convenient.

Eating is based on the local characteristics of the diet. Potato steamed bread, corn steamed bread, buckwheat noodles, gold-wrapped silver, hand-pulled noodles, noodles, moon steamed bread, round-root pickles, bacon sausage.

Tour strategy

1. Classical conventional lines:Shangbailazhai Sea--Bailafei Waterfall--Baishihai--Mohai--Pearl Waterfall

Line Viewpoint: This line is a streamlined line for the scenic spot, covering the most core natural scenic spots of Songpinggou scenic spot, and also reflects the tourist value of the scenic spot. Along the way, we will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of BaiLazhai Sea, the water scenery of the jungle like Jiuzhai, waterfalls, the charm and peculiar water color of Baishihai. The Mohai Sea still gives tourists an impressive and picturesque alpine seascape, while the Pearl Waterfall upstream will reinterpret the meaning of "water is like Jiuzhai" in Songpinggou with its magnificent and beautiful scenery.

Sightseeing distance and time: Shangbailazhaihai is the starting point of Songpinggou sightseeing. It is about 2.3 kilometers from the coastal waterfront sightseeing road to Baishihai. Generally, it takes about 50 minutes to play. Tourists who like photography will have longer time to play. This section of the scenery is the most beautiful.

Baishihai is the largest Haizi in Songpinggou. Coastal Zi enters the tributary ditch Shuimogou to the Mohai Sea with his right hand. About 1.4 kilometers from the Mohai Sea, and 0.6 kilometers from the Mohai Sea to the upstream bay mouth to enjoy the largest waterfall in the scenic area, Pearl Waterfall. The journey is about 80 minutes.

Total travel time: Roundtrip time is about 4 hours.

2. Panoramic tour routes:Shangbaila Zhai Hai-Baila Falls-Baishihai-Mohai-Pearl Falls-Colorful Pools-Changhai

Line Viewpoint: The colorful pool is named for its rich color, just like the jadeite inlaid in the valley. Changhai is the highest altitude mountain Haizi in the scenic area, with clear sunshine and clear water reflecting the peak and the sky like underwater; when cloudy, the mountain is empty and clouds are pressing over the lake. It is said that a roar can trigger a rainstorm.

Tourist Distance and Time: Because the Wucai Lake and Changhai Lake are located at the high altitude of Shuimogou, the Wucai Lake is 3.8 kilometers away from the Mohai Sea and the Wucai Lake is 0.9 kilometers away from the sea. The altitude change span is large (400 meters higher), which requires high physical strength.

It takes 100 minutes to complete the Ink Sea - Colorful Pool - Changhai and 3 hours and 20 minutes to go back and forth.

Total travel time: Roundtrip time is about 7 hours and 20 minutes, the scenic spot sightseeing car instead of walking, will reduce part of the walking time.


Everyone entering the plateau will feel different levels of altitude reaction, such as headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, etc. Generally speaking, after 1-2 days, the above symptoms will gradually reduce or disappear.

High altitude, strong sunshine, large temperature difference between morning and evening, clothing, medicines, sunscreen and so on need to be prepared.

Drinking dairy products, rhodiola, red cattle and other beverages can increase the adaptability of Plateau climate.

When you first enter the plateau, you should rest more, drink more water and eat more fruits, prohibit smoking and alcohol, and avoid running and strenuous exercise.

Diet should be moderate, not overeating, in order to avoid increasing the burden of the intestines and stomach;

Please respect the culture and belief habits of minority areas.


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