Best Tourist Time of Songpinggou Scenic Spot

Colorful red leaves float in autumn and the most beautiful is Songpinggou

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Songpinggou, and also the season with the most tourists in a year. From Baila Zhai Sea to Yuerzhai Sea on the main ditch of Songpinggou to the Mohai Sea and Changhai Sea, the main ditch and the two ditches have red leaves all over the mountains, dyeing dozens of kilometers of areas with rich color layers. Red, yellow, orange, green and other colors show autumn charm, walk among forests, sit on the waterfront and enjoy autumn colors, such as shuttle and shuttle. But in the beautiful picture scroll.

Compared with Ya'an Dongla Mountain, Songping Valley has the same beautiful red leaves, but better than the waterscape; Similarly, compared with Shenmu Lei, Ya'an, Songping Valley is better in the area of red leaves; Compared with Bipeng Valley, Abali County, Songping Valley is more beautiful in waterscape and humanities. Compared with Jiuzhaigou, Songpinggou is more distant and closer to Chengdu. Although each red leaf scenic spot has its own characteristics, in a word, Songpinggou scenic spot still has its competitive advantage in the combination of red leaf and natural scenery.

Feel the most beautiful color of nature in autumn. Songpinggou will deduce colorful autumn rhyme from mid-October to mid-November every year, and late October is the most beautiful time for red leaves. Whether you are a tourist, a photographer or a Sketcher in the Academy of Fine Arts, Bipenggou is a journey of mood.


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