Six modes of hotel management

Some people say that a good hotel manager is usually a good manager of any enterprise, and a good manager of other enterprises may not be able to become a good hotel manager. This seems to indicate that excellent hotel managers are generally excellent managers. How can you become an excellent hotel manager? Do you have all the hotel management knowledge you don't know? Have you put it into practice?

First, enterprises, let ideas become habits  

In learning hotel management knowledge, we should make it clear that the core of the team is not someone, but the enterprise concept. After all kinds of hardships, the Tang monk team achieved the Sutra, not by the "Liu Guanzhang Team" spirit, nor money, but by the idea, which is from the heart, to achieve the concept and common goal of the Sutra. Therefore, the enterprise team should have strength and rely on ideas to rally people's hearts.

This is not enough. To make the idea a reality, we must make it a habit of enterprises. How to become a habit? Gongfu is beyond business: continuous staff activities full of ideas and themes. Maybe it's too busy, or too cumbersome, and most of the time you don't see the results of the moment. But the real power is generated from this "void"

The occupancy rate of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Hotel has maintained nearly 80% all the year round, and the value of unit property in Xiamen hotel industry ranks first for several consecutive years. At the same time, the loyalty of hotel staff is also high. The proportion of old staff who work for 5-6 years is 40% of the current hotel staff, which is very high in the hotel industry. Because the concept has become a habit, the operation of all aspects of the hotel is in a virtuous circle. In this state, the hotel must do a very important thing, that is, to give staff room for growth.

2. Stress, to be an example for employees  

Hotel management, in fact, is the work of facing people's soul, including guests and employees.

Emergency management is not the basis of hotel management and service, but should go deep into the hearts of employees and guests, that is, to find ideas, culture and soul. Hotel managers need to know that as long as you have "Buddha" - guests and employees, then every guest is the originator of wealth, every employee is talent; conversely, if you only have "shit" in mind, then guests and employees will never be good.

3. Homeopathic, Give Employees Space to Grow up

Just as Monkey King went through five stages from "Puma Pestilence" to "Pantaoyuan Supervisor" to "Adult Buddha", the growth of hotel staff should also be divided into five stages.

As soon as employees enter the hotel, they work very hard. This is the stage of training and learning, which is very important. At the same time, we should pay attention to the basic requirements of employees for a good position. To this end, the hotel has set up positions that allow them to feel that there is room for progress. If there is only one administrative position at this time, then there can be more than one technical position. This method enables many employees to grow. This is the role of Confucian culture in China - practical, to gain fame and fame, one official and half a post. This is an advanced stage.

As employees acquire more skills and knowledge, they begin to expect to break through the constraints of systems and norms and demand innovation and freedom. Just as Sun Wukong achieved freedom after he was sent into the alchemy of Lao Shang, everyone began to pursue freedom of mind and body. This is the subtle influence of Chinese Taoist culture. Therefore, the hotel should adjust its position, organize learning and colorful activities, so that employees can exert their energy, work happily, reward well-done employees, so that they can become golden eyes. At this stage, it is crucial to help employees feel that they have something to learn and learn from their superior managers and colleagues. Otherwise, they will have to spend time or leave. Therefore, it is necessary to go out and invite in for study and training. To this end, the International Convention and Exhibition Hotel spends hundreds of thousands of yuan every year on going out to study and invite famous teachers to give lectures, including Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Cognition" authorized course, Yu Shiwei of "Famous Trainer" and Zeng Shiqiang, a master of Chinese Studies, etc.

The growth of employees has entered the third stage. Here, with continuous learning and activities, hotel concept has been fostered and consolidated, around the concept of corporate culture construction, into a higher agenda, just as Monkey King can not jump out of the Buddhist palm. This Tathagata Buddhist palm is the corporate culture and concept. When they become common habits, the growth of employees will enter the fourth stage, that is, the conscious stage.

At this time, the hotel needs the staff's spiritual work, and should be good at encouraging and cultivating the staff's self-cultivation, including mentality, spirit, smile and social responsibility. In this stage, we are practicing, developing and expanding our ideas, which will never end.

Later, when employees achieve success, just as Monkey King becomes Buddha, the hoop mantra on their heads naturally disappears. That is to say, the hotel system has no effect on the successful employees.

 4. Talents can be met but not sought

The shortage of hotel talents is not only a problem faced by Xiamen Hotel industry, but also a common reality in China's Hotel industry. Recruitment of talents has become an urgent and headache for hotels.

Before recruiting talents, hotels should be aware of one thing soberly, that is, what you want to recruit, there is what kind. Many people perform well in the interview, making people feel hated to meet late, feeling that they are the talents needed by the hotel, but only when they are put on the job can they find that is not the case. This is not only because the interview also has a lot of empty things, but also depends on whether a person is a talented person, depending on whether his strengths can meet the requirements of the position. Adapt, talent is born, not adapt, let you Gaobadou can only sigh that life is not timely. Therefore, don't believe the myth of recruiting talents. Talents are not recruited, but trained - in most cases, talents can be met but not sought.

Therefore, "the real strength of the hotel lies in allowing new entrants to unconsciously change themselves for the hotel, adapt to the hotel, and create conditions for success." What is this strength? It has a core and a backbone. This core is not the general manager, but the enterprise idea and goal. Only the core idea and goal can we build a real team. Only such a team can be a powerful team, just like the "Tang Seng Team" in Journey to the West, which is a "heart" team and a soul team.

From these hotel management knowledge, we can easily find that if we want to successfully manage a hotel, we need to have a good management concept, and let this concept be implemented in the management. Hotel contacts people and manages people, so it should be managed from the perspective of people, not to manage a system. Every hotel manager is thirsty for talent, but we don't want sister Lin falling from the sky, so we don't ask for talent falling from the sky. It's quite possible to train a talent.


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